Tooth Whitening F.A.Q

Teeth Whitening Australia - Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the side effects of using Teeth Whitening Products?

All types of teeth whitening gels can cause a degree of tooth sensitivity for some users. This is usually made apparent when the user comes in contact with cold/hot liquid and even air. Don't be alarmed as this is a normal side effect that is expected. Special Remineralisation Gel is available from our products page which is applied to the Teeth after the teeth whitening process. From our customer feedback we've determined that this method helps with the post-whitening sensitivity experienced by some users. If sensitivity continues you may want to consider reducing the amount of product being applied for 24 hours while the sensitivity dissipates. Teeth whitening does not have to be done consecutively, you will reach the same whitening results as you would normally however it may take slightly longer to acheive the desired outcome. 

2. I have very sensitive teeth, what could be causing this and can I do anything about it?

If your teeth are sensitive after teeth whitening- you may want to try our Remineralisation Gel. This is applied after the Teeth Whitening and helps restore enamel to its full 'form' quicker.

3. How long will it take for Teeth to become their Whitest?

Results vary depending on the type of teeth. Some teeth will whiten significantly in only a few days, while other teeth can take a few months due to different types of stains. For the majority of our customers, they typically see desired results within 1 - 2 weeks. Yellow teeth tend to whiten a lot quicker compared to trying to whiten teeth with gray stains, still possible but may take a month due to the nature of the stain.

4. How long will results last?

Approximately 6 months to a year and sometimes longer. We recommend maintenance touch ups for your simile every 4 - 6 months with 2 - 3 applications for the very best results.

5. What is the shelf-life and wearing time of Teeth Bleaching Gel?

The shelf life of our Teeth Whitening Gels is approximately 2 years refrigerated and 1 year un-refrigerated. If you plan to store the gel un-refrigerated the gels should be stored in a dry cool environment. The wearing time for the gel depends on the concentration of the gel you purchase.

  • 10% - 18% - Can be used overnight if the user experiences no sensitivity.

6. What are the different strengths and what do the different percentages mean?

The percentages mean the concentration of bleaching agent inside the product. It is generally accepted that the higher the bleaching percent, the stronger the bleach and the more effective it is at bleaching. The main advantages of the higher percentage is reduced wearing time.

7. How long after bleaching should I avoid Red Wine and coffee?

We recommend avoiding the two during whitening and for 1 week after finishing your teeth whitening regime. We here at Brighter Smile however recommend not changing your lifestyle dramatically. If you feel that your teeth have yellowed over time, it is fine to do touch-up bleaching 1-2 applications every 4-6 months as required to keep your teeth pearly white.

8. I've started teeth whitening but some areas seem to be uneven or blotched - should I stop?

This is normal - some areas of the tooth more specifically areas of decalcification will respond more rapidly to bleaching resulting in blotching at first while the rest of the tooth catches up as you continue with your teeth whitening applications. The blotching will be the first to fade after finishing your Teeth Whitening regime resulting in a more equal appearance.


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