Teeth Whitening Research

Teeth Whitening Research & Findings

Until very recently, the process required to Whiten Teeth was a costly and complicated procedure involving a number of repeat visits to to the dental clinic, costing you hundreds of dollars and wasting precious time that can be better spent doing other things. The median price charged by dental clinics for teeth whitening can be around $400. Technological advances in the last ten years have made the need to go to a dentist to whiten your teeth a thing of the past. Now it is possible for a safe, effective and simple Teeth Whitening procedure which can be completed from the comfort of your very own home for a fraction of what the dentist will charge you. Our teeth whitening gels contain the active ingredient Carbamide Peroxide and hydrogen peroxide in different concentrations (10% - 18%). These ingredients are the key and work by entering microscopic pores on the surface of the teeth and bleaching away stains through a process called oxidization. The same type of gel (Carbamide Peroxide) at most dental clinics.

Looking to Improve your appearance? The quickest and most noticeable way is with a Whiter, brighter smile. Don't be fooled by those over the counter toothpaste and strip based products that are available at the supermarket! Why you might ask? Those whitening products are severely underdosed. The highest concentration we found available at the supermarket was 6.5% as opposed to our 18% Carbamide Peroxide teeth whitening kits. This means with our gels you will get far better results MUCH QUICKER.

How long will Teeth stay White after Whitening?

Research has indicated that the Teeth Whitening results may be maintained for several years if the user continues to "touch up" their teeth two to four nights at six month intervals. Users should note that stains may return if the user starts using stain causing products such as tobacco and coffee. However your Teeth should remain significantly lighter than if no teeth whitening treatment was undertaken.

How Important is a White Smile?

White Teeth are commonly associated with youth and health both of which are appealing to just about everyone. Having said that, one of the first things people notice about another person when first meeting is their smile and of course teeth. In a recent study conducted in the UK with 1000 participants between 18 and 50 years of age. The survey was one of its kind in the UK asking the participants to rank certain features from the most important to least important. The survey explored the importance of smiles in great depth - the importance of smiles in relation to career opportunities, relationships and social life.

Summary of the Study

A staggering 94% of the people surveyed in group A (18 - 24 year olds) said the first thing they notice is the smile when meeting for the first time. A further 71% from group B went on to say that people who have good smiles make friends much easier than those with bad smiles. As the saying goes first impressions last! So it's a good idea to improve what you can to increase your chances of successfully leaving a good first impression.

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