Coffee's Effect on White Teeth

Each morning thousands of cups of coffee are consumed by Australian's before or during their morning commutes to their places of work. The coffee cup has almost become the newest must have. Try to remember an early morning to work journey that wasn't enhanced by a nice cup of coffee, it tastes great and it helps you get things done thanks to the caffeine!

The amount of coffee Australian's now consume on an everyday basis is having a negative effect on the colour of their teeth. Think about how much coffee you have drunk over the years - you can start to imagine the adverse effect of Australia's favourite caffeinated drink is having on our white teeth. Many factors come into play, but when combined, they quickly cause coffee to stain naturally white teeth. Clearly the number of cups of coffee you drink has a large affect - the dark brown colour of coffee just doesn't go well with gleaming white enamel.

There are a few factors that affect the way that teeth absorb the black 'stuff'. The roughness of the enamel of your teeth and the quantity of saliva your glands make and its organic salt content can also have an affect. Even if you combine regular brushing and flossing generally your daily long black will eventually cause your once bright white teeth to become dull, stained and aged. Simply cleaning your teeth by brushing with a toothbrush and toothpaste will often not be enough.

This is where Brighter Smile teeth whitening Kits come in. With the advances in modern day dentistry and teeth whitening procedures, white teeth can once again be the pride and joy of coffee drinkers. Tooth whitening is an easy and safe procedure that lightens stained/discoloured teeth when using the Brighter Smile teeth whitening Gel formula. Do the procedure from the very comfort of your own home.

Proudly show off your Brighter White smile when you order your next latte with the confidence that your mouth can be whitened back to its natural best with our Tooth Whitening products.

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